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McAir is your airline pilot training solution from zero experience to airline pilot job, with airline tuition reimbursement and more hiring partnerships that are proven to get you to the airlines first.

As an McAir graduate you have more options and access to every major airline. Choose who you want to fly for and our accelerated training path will get you there first, proven by more graduates flying for airlines than any other academy.
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Allegiant Altitude Pilot Pathway

The Altitude Pilot Pathway is unique among partnerships between airlines and flight schools because it seeks to eliminate the financial barriers that many would-be cadets face when training to become a pilot. Allegiant’s Loan Reimbursement could pay up to $50,000 of student pilot training debt after three years of flying for Allegiant and meeting the airline’s performance standards.
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Envoy Airlines

Envoy works directly with McAir to interview and hire our paid Flight instructors and then you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being an Envoy employee; including medical, travel privileges, and a retirement plan. You will also begin building your vacation and sick time, which you can use once you become a First Officer.

Envoy’s Cadet Program is designed to help the most promising future pilots make a smooth transition from the classroom to the cockpit. Upon becoming a Cadet Instructor for Envoy and at the time of signing a two-year employment agreement with Envoy, candidates will have the opportunity to receive a one-time $5000 tuition assistance bonus borrowed from their First Officer sign-on bonus. This bonus can only be selected at the time of contract signing.
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SkyWest Airlines

SkyWest Airlines and McAir Aviation have joined forces to open the door to your professional pilot career! Unlike most internships in the aviation industry today, you’ll receive compensation by continuing to flight instruct at McAir.

Once you have been trained and hired as a Flight Instructor at McAir, you will have the opportunity to enter their Pilot Pathway Program. Upon acceptance into the program, you’ll receive preferential consideration for employment at SkyWest Airlines. The program creates a path for you to bridge the gap between the completion of your CFI and the 1,500 hour flight time requirement for the ATP Certificate.
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Piedmont Airlines

Once qualified and hired as a CFII at McAir Aviation, you are eligible for the Piedmont Cadet Program.

Interview with a recruiter after 400 hours as a CFI, then at 500 hours, you could join their program to receive tuition reimbursement up to $5,000, as well as numerous opportunities, including mentorship with airline industry experts. Cadets successfully completing the ATP-CTP course and written exam will be placed into the next available new hire class at Piedmont upon reaching minimums, with no additional interview required. They receive an additional $6,000 tuition reimbursement paid in full on the first day of new hire first officer class.
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~13 Months

In as few as 13 months, you can train from Zero Experience to a Commercially Rated Pilot* (Single Engine, Multi Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor)

362 Days

McAir Conducts Flight Training

Flight School Training at McAir combined with Certified Instructing** to build hours then Instructing is on one of the fastest paths to apply with the airlines.

Completing training and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) hours building at McAir may provide options and access with the airlines.

Becoming a pilot will open many other opportunities, click to see additional pathways.

*McAir Aviation does not guarantee third-party certifications/ratings.

**Employment is not guaranteed

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